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Best places to visit on The Cape !!

Ready to do fun things on Cape Cod?

Boogie, surf, and paddle board the day away at Race Point Beach, then head into lively Provincetown for shopping and lobster rolls. Tackle biking trails up and down the island, and immerse yourself in Cape culture at the many lighthouses and museums. Crack open a Cape Cod Beer as the sun sets on Cape Cod Bay.

Cape Cod National Seashore

Make the Cape Cod National Seashore one of the first stops on your day off. Explore salt marshes, walking trails, and six beautiful beaches. You’ll want to set aside a whole day (or more) to see all the Cape Cod National Seashore offers.

Outdoor activities abound along this Atlantic-facing coastline. Plunge into salty swells at Coast Guard Beach, or watch the seals bobbing in the waters of Cahoon Hollow Beach. At Marconi Beach, you’ll have plenty of space to spread out, make sandcastles, and watch the surfers tackling some of the Cape’s best waves.

Bird and nature lovers will want to grab their binoculars and stroll down Fort Hill Trail. The one-mile loop passes through flower meadows and opens out to the Atlantic. Be on the lookout for migratory seabirds along the way!

Heritage Museum & Gardens

Heritage Museum & Gardens boasts 100 acres of gardens, museums with eclectic collections, and events year-round. Each garden has a unique theme, from herbs to waterlilies and bee hotels to greenery enhanced with fanciful artwork and sculptures.

Get in touch with nature at the flourishing Heritage Museum & Gardens. Roam the colorful meadows, past cool stone walls and bubbling fountains in the McGraw Family Garden, sensory gardens designed with inclusivity in mind. In springtime, frolic about Dexter Rhododendron Garden among the hot pink blooming flowers, and in summer, take in the electric blues of the Hydrangea Display.

Your little ones will have a blast navigating balance beams and making music in the certified nature classroom at Hidden Hollow. Antique car lovers will be giddy about the American Automobile Collection and events like Cocktails for Cars. Appreciate the beauty of the 1908 Looff Carousel. Hop on for a nostalgic activity in a whimsical setting. The goal is to leverage the social channels you want to use into a marketing strategy that creates brand awareness, sells more products and services, and gets the brand closer to its customer community.

Nauset Lighthouse

Lighthouses are fundamental to Cape Cod’s rich maritime history, and the Nauset Lighthouse is no exception. The iconic red and white, 48-foot tall classic design has kept boats safe since 1877. Spend time scouting out the Nauset Lighthouse while galavanting the Cape Cod National Seashore.
Climb the spiral staircase to the lookout room and peek out of the circular windows at the Atlantic waves rolling onto the sandy shore. Chat with docents about lighthouse history, like how the Nauset Lighthouse has been relocated several times due to an eroding coastline.

Head down the sea grass-lined, sandy path to Nauset Light Beach, where you’ll find plenty of space to spread out your beach towels and enjoy the ocean breeze.

Fun fact: The lighthouse on the bag of Cape Cod Chips is the Nauset Lighthouse; be sure to prepare a bag for the perfect Nauset Beach snack!

Race Point Beach

Welcome to Race Point Beach on the northernmost tip of Cape Cod. Plan to spend at least a day on this side of the Cape at Race Point and nearby Provincetown. This area, called the Outer Cape, is the postcard-perfect image of Cape Cod.

Design sandcastles to play in the water or shell hunt along the shoreline. Relax to the cawing of seagulls and the crash of the surf. Walk inland over the dunes to the Old Harbor Life-Saving Station Museum. Take cover from the sun as you learn about the history of the Coast Guard.

Head to Cape Cod Bay-facing side of the peninsula and spend the evening sightseeing around Provincetown. Pick up some souvenirs from the gift shops along Commercial Street, or poke your head into the art galleries. Wrap up your night with a gourmet dinner and drinks at the cozy, upscale restaurant on the water.

Whydah Pirate Museum

Shiver me, timbers! That’s real booty! Sail by the Whydah Pirate Museum to see the world’s only authenticated pirate treasure and engage in interactive exhibits with your family. Your little lads and lasses will love spending an hour at this quirky museum.

Meet the crew of the Whydah Pirate Ship, and learn about how this slave ship was overtaken and then wrecked on Cape Cod’s coast in 1717. Walk through the replica ship, and browse the pirate artifacts exhibits. See the actual gold coins, cannons, pistols, and more. You’ll leave understanding more about colonial-era pirates and the accurate tale of the Whydah shipwreck.

Keep going around Yarmouth and challenge your family to a hole-in-one mini golf course in the area: Wild Animals Lagoon, Skull Island, or Pirate Cove.

Nickerson State Park

Get ready for an adventure at Nickerson State Park. Pack your bikes, camping gear, and bathing suits, and detour away from the salty shores of the Cape. Embrace Nickerson’s 2,000 acres of flourishing east coast nature, freshwater marshes, and outdoor activities.

Acquaint yourself with the State Park at the Nickerson Park Headquarters and Nature Center, chat with a ranger, then begin your hike through the trails.Traverse the serene paths of Flax Trail, or make the Cliff Pond Trail loop. Encounter horseback riders and bikers passing the park along the Cape Cod Rail Trail.

Rent a kayak or swim in the calm, crisp waters of Cliff Pond. Bring your tackle box and try some catch-and-release fishing at Higgins Pond. Stay for a night or two in Nickerson State Park at one of the 400 campsites, choosing from a traditional yurt or an RV.

John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum

History buffs should set aside an hour to tour the John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum. Cape Cod was famously one of JFK’s favorite places, making Hyannis a fitting location for this museum. Stop by to learn about Kennedy’s ties to the Cape and his legacy in American history. Turn the corner from Main Street and stride to the grand Colonial Revival home housing the John F. Kennedy Hyannis Museum. Take a picture with the bronze life-size statue of the 35th president, then head inside to peruse an eclectic collection of artifacts. Browse 80 genuine family photographs, and listen to his inner circle of friends recounting Kennedy’s life.

Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum

Uncover local history at the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum. In 1620, the Mayflower arrived at Provincetown with pilgrims aboard. Today, explore Cape Cod's heritage at the museum to see how modern Provincetown has developed over the centuries.

Gaze up at the 353-foot tall granite tower, the country's tallest of its kind, then trek to the top. Take panoramic views of boats in the Provincetown Harbor to the south and the Provincetown skyline to the north.

Head down to the museum, and check out the permanent exhibits about Cape Cod’s development. Browse memorabilia like playbills from the Cape Playhouse, Christmas cards, clothes, and antique children’s toys.

Grab a Cape Cod Bay-facing table at The Lobster Pot, and tuck in your stylish lobster bib. Feast on some of Provincetown’s best lobster rolls or dig into a boiled lobster dipped in drawn butter.

Chatham Lighthouse

The Chatham Lighthouse is a core facet of Cape Cod’s history. The treacherous curve of the Cape into the Atlantic has been to blame for over 3500 shipwrecks during the 19th and early 20th centuries alone. Witness the guiding lights of the Chatham Lighthouse on the southeastern edge of Cape Cod.

Mosey up the path to the lighthouse keeper’s home, turned to the US Coast Guard station, and took in the landscaped property. Naval history fans will want to check out the antique Coast Guard ship on the grass. Take a photo of the 48-foot-tall lighthouse and breathe in the salty ocean air. Head down the Chatham Lighthouse Beach and dip your toes in the calm Atlantic waters.

Just a quick drive away is the Atwood Museum. Tour the 14 rotating and permanent collections about the Cape’s past, from early settlers and the Native Americans who inhabited the land first to modern milestones in Cape Cod’s history.

Cape Cod Museum of Art

Art enthusiasts will find an oasis at the Cape Cod Museum of Art. Immerse yourself in Cape Cod’s booming art scene through this vast collection. Survey the locally made pieces, art inspired by the area, and modern displays of American folk art.

Saunter up to the grey-shingled classic cape cod-style house on 25 acres of manicured campus and sculpture gardens. Can you find the stone whale swimming in the grass? Inside, consider artwork created by Cape Codders over the decades. Ponder the symbolic paintings by Alexander Calder, the father of Abstract Expressionism, and The Motus showcase with paintings about movement.

Schedule your visit on a Sunday to hear bluegrass, swing, jazz, and more at the evening music festivals in the romantic setting of the museum.

Sandwich Glass Museum

Cape Cod isn’t just famous for sea glass from the ocean. Visit the Sandwich Glass Museum to delve into the legacy of The Boston & Sandwich Glass Company. Young and old visitors will be fascinated by the demonstrations and exhibits in the museum.
Make your way through the Sandwich Glass Museum, inspecting the delicate, eclectic displays of glass art vases, dishes, cups, and decorations. Take the funky designs of glass sculptures of sea life and flowers, the electrified neon glass vase, and other glowing, magical shapes. Look through the Sandwich-produced glass and exhibits to learn about the founding of The Boston & Sandwich Glass Company in 1825.
One of the most exciting parts of this museum is the operational glass furnace. Behold the glass-blowing demonstration as artists craft, twist, and bend the glass into shape. Feel the heat from the furnace and experience some of Sandwich’s glass industry heritage.

Cape Cod Children’s Museum Is it taking on the Cod with little ones? Swing by the town of Mashpee for the Cape Cod Children’s Museum. This museum is on a mission to motivate young children and families to play together to learn together. Since a group of moms founded it, you know it’ll be good!

Let the creativity soar as your kiddos experiment in each zone. Your tiny sound engineer can use paddles to whack pipes and test hypotheses about sound, and mini actors and actresses can roleplay in the corral or pirate ship.
Munchkin explorers can tackle the indoor playground and treehouses while future engineers create structures with giant-sized connecting toys. There’s a fun activity for every type of learner here.

Veterans Memorial Park

I am searching for a quieter beach to spend the afternoon at. Veterans Memorial Park is a hidden gem in Hyannis. This laid-back beach and park is perfect for families to picnic, relax, and take in the calm atmosphere of the park.

As you walk along the beach, pay respects at the John F. Kennedy Memorial and the Korean War Veterans Memorial. Facing Lewis Bay, the waters are a bit warmer and calmer than those directly along the Atlantic. Wade through the shallow waters or walk along the shore and sand comb to see if you can find any exciting rocks or intact shells.

Sit and rest on one of the benches, laughing at the funny geese honking and waddling around the grass and flowers. Watch the Nantucket Ferry cruising by on the serene waters. Bring picnic supplies and light up one of the on-site grills for dinner.

Edward Gorey House

If you’re into the macabre or the mystical, make time for the Edward Gorey House. Even those unfamiliar with Gorey’s works, like The Gashy Tinies or The Doubtful Guest, will enjoy the playful nature of this museum. The museum is in a small, unassuming 200-year-old sea captain’s home in Yarmouth Port, or as the locals say, “Yah-mouth” Port.

Inside, uncover a collection of illustrations and books by Gorey. Begin your visit with a docent-led tour and learn about Edward Gorey’s life. Hear anecdotes about his obsession with animals and the New York City Ballet. Investigate the Doing the Steps exhibit, where you can view Gorey’s hundreds of playbills and ballet tickets and the ballet-inspired art he created.

Try your hand at the notoriously challenging Gashlycrumb Tinies scavenger hunt. If you can finish, you’ve earned the pride of a job well done and a prize at the front desk.

Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters

Are they craving coffee made with ethically sourced beans and locally roasted blends? Say no more. Snowy Owl Coffee Roasters is one of the top destinations for coffee connoisseurs on the Cape. Try exotic coffee beans, directly sourced from farms in Peru and El Salvador, freshly roasted and ground by Snowy Owl.

Sip an Inca Espresso or a cup of the specialty Brewster Blend paired with a daily baked pastry like a blueberry scone. Enjoy your treat in the Secret Garden. Sit on a bench under the foliage, or catch rays on the grassy lawn.

If you’re visiting Snowy Owl on the way to Nickerson State Park, get fresh salads, oatmeal bowls, soups, or sandwiches from their grab ‘n-go section. Don’t forget a growler of their cold brew when you need an energy boost! Pick out a bag of your favorite blend to recreate the brew at home.

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